RFQ for : JP54 and D2, posted by Importer from South Africa
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BUY : JP54 and D2

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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
17 Jan 2011
South Africa

Buy Lead Details

Dear Sir

Please explain your position, are you seller or seller mandate or interm? We require large quantities of D2 and JP54 ASAP. Kindly foward your soft offer with pricing and procedure.


Contact :


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27 Dec 2010
We are looking for our regular and important partners D2 and JP54, do you have any fresh offers for immediately lift able spot D2 and JP54 jet fuel at Rotterdam without or with roe , quantity may be large or small it may be in pipeline, vessels tank, and its price may be fixed price or flat minus discount. Liftable quantity must be state4d, procedure try to make it shortest possible. Commission sharing must be cleared at initial stage itself. Contract would be considered favorably after one or two successful spot lifting. We can also buy light and heavy crude oil and mazut and can sell LNG and LPG from ras gas/Qatar gas on long term contract basis.

Contact :
Balkrishan Garg

Wholesale demand for : JP54 and D2 (RFQ / Buylead from Canada)
20 Dec 2010
Dear Sir,

Buyer is large company involved in international investment, trading and service, it can provide unlimited funding through it strategic
alliances partners to buy JP54/D2 in any qty no limit, at any time provided seller sends buyer partial POP after signed contract and the satisfaction by Soft Probe via top prime world bank. Buyer not requires soft POP for total quantity but only for liftable portion or even small portion of liftable quantity, let say contract 50K MT per 12 months, the liftable portion is 50K MT, Buyer expects partial POP to be for 50K MT or at least 10 KMT (20% of liftable amount). Even seller proves only 10K MT, Buyer shows POF for whole liftable 50KMT.


Mohammed Boutayeb
President, CEO   

Wholesale demand for : JP54, D2, Mazut (RFQ / Buylead from Kenya)
18 Dec 2010
Dear Sir,

Please e-mail us your best export pricing on the above. We are distributors of the above, and we are looking for serious, real and existing end-sellers to do business with us.

We are waiting.
Thank you and good day.

Contact :
Capt. Toony Mungai   

Wholesale demand for : JP54, D2 (RFQ / Buylead from Thailand)
29 Nov 2010
Dear Sir,

I have been trying to have response from you regarding my request to buy petroleum products from your company, we are serious in need of purchasing D2 / JP54, could you please respond to me on this request.
we are serious and financial capable of buying this products, bellow is our buying procedure

1. Seller (Title Holder) issues FCO, on the SellerÆs Letterhead, made out to the Buyer, with all details of the transaction, including pricing, procedures, quantities and immediately liftable quantity and
2. Together with FCO Seller issues Draft contract stating product specification and instrument verbiage
3 Buyer issues ICPO made out to the Seller.
4. Buyer reviews and amends Draft Contract, if required and returns
to Seller with signed Pay Orders for all facilitators.
5. Seller signs and seals Contract. SPA should follow the draft contract.
6. Seller issues Commercial Invoice and POP, including SGS Reports,
Tank Receipts and Dip Test Authorization, bank to bank and
simultaneously to the buyerÆs Email address.
7. Buyer verifies POP within 24 hours from receipt and pays by MT103

Hearing from you

Joseph Beka   

Wholesale demand for : Diesel (RFQ / Buylead from Somalia)
29 Nov 2010
We need normal diesel fuel D2 from Arab Gulf countries. If you can give us offer please contact soon.

Thank you
Contact Person : Mohamed Mohamud Ismail   

Wholesale demand for : D2, JP54 (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
26 Nov 2010
We are looking for spot and long term contract for D2 and JP54. Must be registered with oil ministry, show the number and verifiable references. Must show the pop and all its relevant documents.

Contact Person : Michel Mansouri   

Wholesale demand for : D2, JP54 (RFQ / Buylead from United Kingdom)
23 Nov 2010
We are interested in buying the above mentioned products. Quantities and terms to be discussed.

Contact :
Jose Santiago   

Wholesale demand for : Diesel, Petrol (RFQ / Buylead from Tanzania)
20 Nov 2010
We need the supply of fuel diesel and petrol monthly 12, 500mts. Give prices CIF Dar Es Salaam port - Tanzania, terms of business and procedure.

Contact Person : Novatus N. Kailembo   

18 Nov 2010
We are trading house, interested to purchase a very large quantity of D2 and JP54 on FOB Rotterdam against a contract for 12 months or 60-months as suitable to the suppliers. Yearly requirement is D2 about 10-million mt x 12 months and JP54-about 50-million barrels per month x 12 months. No broker's chain please excuse. Please quote your net price and not platt price which will not be considered. Payment by d-l/c and transferred by mt/103.For one month, automatically revolving till the contract is completed. Only most genuine suppliers and exporters and refineries can send their irrevocable soft offer against their acceptance of the major's procedures. Pop in required upfront in mt/799 format.

Rajeev Kumar Gupta   

Wholesale demand for : Fuel Oil D2 (RFQ / Buylead from Indonesia)
17 Nov 2010
I am a businessmen from Indonesia, my many friends are D2 oil buyer, both from Indonesia as well as from foreign countries. Please guide how to order fuel oil (D2) is sent from Kuwait to Indonesia or the Philippines via sea transport. Please clear instructions and easy to understand.

Regard Mr. Sofyan Iti   

Wholesale demand for : D2, GP 54 Kerosene (RFQ / Buylead from Romania)
17 Nov 2010
We need :
-GP 54 Kerosene
-Euro 510PPM

Quantity : 10 000 000 BBL/Month x 12 month contract.

Official purchase procedure:
1 Seller sends Soft corporate offer.
2 Buyer issue ICPO.
3 Seller sends the draft contract.
4 Buyer sign and return with amendments if any.
5 Buyer and Seller execute the contract and lodge the contract at their respective banks.
6 Seller send partial POP to the BuyerÆs bank, for the first liftable, including
Commercial Invoice, Tank receipt number, SGS Report, Authorization for DIP Test and Tank Farm Number.
7 Buyer check and pay the Commercial invoice for liftable with MT103/23 conditional to title trasfer.
8 SellerÆs bank sends Full POP, via Swift, to the buyerÆs bank.
9 BuyerÆs bank issues Non-Operative, Non Transferable RDLC.
10 Seller issues performance bond 2% to activate RDLC.
11 Title transfer and delivery start as per schedule.

We wait your best offer.

Best regards,
Ovidiu Popovici
Broker Import-Export   

Wholesale demand for : D2 (RFQ / Buylead from Austria)
15 Nov 2010
For my clients from Austria and Germany, I search D2 between 200 and 900MT(each)/month. Please send a FCO and the buyer will immediately get in touch for a quick settlement. Is a real inquiry, because in the past I had so "offers" from fakes and I don't trust in anonymous offers. I try a long term cooperation with a strong and seriously partner.

Thanks for your answer.

Kind Regards,
A.R. Siebig   

30 Oct 2010
We are looking for LPG, sulphur, bitumen, D2.

Contact Person : Assadullah   

27 Oct 2010
We are a funded buyer seeking product to purchase. Our need is a simple procedure, with document costs paid by the seller and POP before LC issue or Bank to Bank timing.
Currently we need:
1. 100K x 12 D2 Russian Standard, 25,000MT vessel deliveries CIF.
2. 200K x 12 CST-180 3.5% S Russian Standard, 25,000MT vessel CIF.

Larry Martin   

Wholesale demand for : M100-75 Soft ICPO (RFQ / Buylead from China)
27 Oct 2010
We, on behalf of director the charter acting the basis with the full corporative responsibility as the Buyer declare this order to purchase the following goods:
Products: Mazut M100 Gost 105-85-75
Price: USD310 Per Metric Ton, CIF any safe Port of China include Commission
Qty:100,000 MT per month
Contract: 12 months Contract with possible rollover and extension
Delivery: CIF Designated port by contract Port/any safe Port of China
Payment: Irrevocable Non-Transferable Conditions DLC Payment made within 7 days after CIQ inspection at discharge port.
Performance Bond: Two percent (2%) of the monthly lot value.
Inspection: CIQ or similar by Buyer
Main Procedure:
1.Buyer issues irrevocable corporate purchase orders (ICPO)
(ICPO), 2.Seller issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO) by email with appropriate authorized signature and seal, 3.Buyer returns signed and seal FCO with acknowledgement to seller. 4.Seller issues draft contract to Buyer executes the contract with authorized signature and seal. 5.Seller issues original contract for final signatory, buyer invited seller to China sign hard copy of contract then Both parties Lodges contracts in respective bank., 6.Buyers bank issue BCL to seller., 7 Seller issue Non-operative 2%PB to buyer bank, 8. Seller / issues Full set of complete POP( SGS report, Bill of Lading, ) in the name of the Buyer as the Bonaire owner of the said productú¼include: a. Copy of license to export, issued by the Department of Ministry of Energy. b. Copy of approval to export, issued by the Department of the Ministry of Justice. c. Copy of statement of availability of the product. d. Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product. e.Copy of contract to transport the product f.Copy of the port storage agreement. 9.The Buyer's Bank issued irrevocable Non-Transferable Letter of Credit as MT799 format (DLC) for the monthly cargo value with Five (5) banking days after receipt of Non-operative 2% PB and full POP from the Seller.

Contact Person : Xiaojian Li   

Wholesale demand for : D2 (RFQ / Buylead from Kuwait)
23 Oct 2010
Dear Sir,

Please send us separate SCO for D2 :
1-1M MTx 12 do Dubai;
2-2M MTx 12 for Rotterdam; "LOI attached below"
We, .........partnership on behalf of the Buyer, we represent, hereby state and represent with full legal authority and responsibility that our Buyer is ready, willing and able to purchase the following commodity as per the specification and in the quantity and for the price as specified in the terms and conditions stated below:
Product: Gas Oil D2 Gost 305-82
Origin: Russia
Quantity: 2,000,000 Metric Tons monthly
Contract period: 12 months, with possible extensions
Delivery: F.O.B. Rotterdam
Inspection: SGS to determine quality & quantity at the loading port
Price: ???????. (negotiation)
Commission: à% (negotiation)
Payment: DLC
Performance Bond: 2%
Seller issue FCO, signed & in buyerÆs name with Draft contract.
Buyer issues ICPO made out to the Seller with banking details and NCNDA/MFPA for facilitators and returns signed contract if no amendments submitted.
Seller signs & returns ICPO attached to final signed contract for a quantity Metric Tons per Month.
Buyer/Seller review and exchange Signed Contract and lodge it in their respective banks with IMFPA for facilitators within 24 Hours after exchange of contracts.
Seller issues Full Proof of Product within 48 hours to the Buyer after confirmation of SWIFTED Proof of Funds (MT999) Block funds letter, for the quantity. (Bank to bank)
Buyer verifies POP within 24 hours from receipt and releases MT103-23 for the quantity.
Title transfers and lifting begins.
Please send your FCO and the draft contract.

BuyerÆs Bank:


Wholesale demand for : Mazut (RFQ / Buylead from United Kingdom)
15 Oct 2010
I would be glad to know if you have mazut and would be ready to sell, forward me your pricing and procedure.

Contact :
Johni Avram   

Wholesale demand for : D2, Gas Oil, JP54 (RFQ / Buylead from India)
30 Sep 2010
Required JP54, D2 gas oil 4,000,000.Million BBL per month 12 year contract.

Thulaseedharan Asary   

Wholesale demand for : D2 and JP54 (RFQ / Buylead from Belgium)
27 Sep 2010
I look for a supplier who can provide the D2+JP54 the major procedure: quantity:

JP54 spot
10 a 35 millions fob rotterdam
D2 spot
5 a 15 millions fob rotterdam

Major procedure
1) sco with seller details
2) pay order will be issued
3) seller with title signs the pay order confirming price procedures and commissions
4) seller issues fco to the buyer and the buyer signs the fco and returns it to seller
5) commercial invoice , pop , dip test authority letter to be submitted by seller to buyer directly .
6) buyer makes payment by mt103 for liftable quantity
7) title transfer and lift

Contact :
Thomas Kiana   

20 Sep 2010
Dear Sir

We are interested to purchase D2, crude palm oil, white mineral oils from Canada. If you can supply us these products regularly for about 100 MT per month, please send us your detail offer mentioning the terms and conditions of suply with the lowest possible rate is US$.

Thanking you.

Contact :
Nikhil Sheth   




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